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Apstar-VI (C)

Apstar VI is a communications satellite built by Alcatel Space, a subsidiary of Alcatel, and was boosted into orbit on April 12, 2005 by Long March 3B launcher from Xichang Satellite Launch Center in China. It provides APT Satellite Holdings Limited (APT), a satellite operator in the Asia Pacific region, with broadband media and television services. It is fitted with 38 C-band transponders and 12 Ku band transponders. The transponders offer C-band services over a wide footprint, which extends across India, China and Australia.

Asiasat-4 (Ku)

AsiaSat 4, a Boeing 601HP satellite, belongs to Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd. And is positioned at an orbital location of 122 degrees offering excellent 'look angles' over Asia and Australasia. Its C-band footprint widely spreads over the Asia-Pacific region with two focused Ku-band beams for East Asia and Australasia, and a steerable Ku-beam enabling greater flexibility in network connectivity. The satellite was launched on 11 April 2003, and consists of 28 C-Band transponders, and 16 Ku Band transponders.

Eutelsat E70B (Ku)

Launched in December 2012, the EUTELSAT 70B satellite has replaced EUTELSAT 70A at 70.5 degrees East, an orbital position that sits at the crossroad of four continents. EUTELSAT 70B offers a broad widebeam coverage and four high-performance fixed beams focused over distinct zones: Europe, Africa, Central Asia and South-East Asia reaching as far as Australia. Eutelsat 70B was built by EADS Astrium based on their Eurostar E-3000 bus. It contains 48 Ku band transponders in four specific beams covering Europe, Asia, Africa and South East Asia. The transponders have bandwidths of 54 MHz and 72 MHz.

NSS-6 (Ku)

NSS-6 brings high-powered Ku-band capacity that enables DTH services to Asia and is home to India’s first and largest DTH platform. Reaching markets from the Mediterranean Sea to Australia from a single orbital location, it also supports key telecom infrastructure and broadband networks across the Middle East and Asia. NSS-6 is located at 95°E, and was launched in December 2002. It consists of 60 Ku band transponders.