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Truly global reach

With our Iridium handheld service, you can communicate from any point on the globe, including oceans, airways and polar regions. No other satellite communications service offers such complete coverage.

Key benefits:

  • Seamless coverage: keep in touch wherever you are worldwide.
  • Reachability: you can be reached on a single international phone whatever your location.
  • Portability: easy travel with a practical handheld phone.
  • Email: use the data kit to exchange email and small files.
  • Extra services: with SkyFile Mail, save time & money by compressing mail, fax and SMS by up to 90% before sending.

Keep connected wherever needed

Key features:

  • High-quality standard voice service
  • Advanced voice services: voicemail, call barring & call forwarding, call restriction, etc.
  • SMS up to 160 characters
  • Fax & paging services
  • Data services (dial-up, direct internet, SBD) at 2.4 kbps, with an optional adapter
  • Up to 9.6 kbps data communications using our compression program.Send a FREE Satellite Message

Send a FREE Satellite Message

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