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Inmarsat Fleet

Inmarsat Fleet

Range of versatile solutions to suit your needs

Whether you work in merchant shipping, fishing, coastal protection or research, our Inmarsat-Fleet family (77, 55 & 33) will meet your communications and safety needs at sea.

Fleet 77 is designed to meet telecoms & safety needs aboard merchant vessels:

  • cost-effective & secure communications on all oceans
  • IMO (International Maritime Organization)-approved as a part of the Global Maritime Distress & Safety System (GMDSS).

The Fleet 128 add-on service doubles bandwidth to 128 kbps, offering high throughput at cost-effective rates. And no need to change terminals.

Fleet 55 is ideal for medium-sized vessels such as coastguards boats, coastal fishing boats & large leisure yachts. It provides global coverage for telephone calls, spot coverage for fax, e-mail & data.

Fleet 33 is compact, and at very affordable prices, it is ideal for smaller vessels such as coastal fishing and small leisure boats. It provides standard telephone, fax, small file exchange, email and Internet.

Your mobile office at sea

Key features:

  • Secure voice, fax & data communications on all oceans.
  • Highly reliable service.
  • Compact, small and light terminals.
  • High-speed connection with data throughput of up to 128 kbps.
  • Greater control over fleets of terminals.
  • Wide range of Vizada value-added services to optimize your terminal. E.g. SkyFile Mail's least cost router automatically selects the most cost-effective transmission mode.