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Inmarsat C/Mini C

Inmarsat C/Mini C

Reliable, secure messaging service via satellite

Our Inmarsat C and Mini C solutions provide a two-way messaging service combining total freedom to communicate with absolute confidentiality. You can exchange messages with computers, telex and fax machines, and with other Inmarsat C units.

Key benefits:

  • Secure e-mail, telex and fax communications on all oceans
  • Fast, reliable access to vital information, such as position reporting, data monitoring, messaging, and distress calling
  • Volume-based invoicing
  • Value-added services such as SkyFile C and FleetNet to optimize your Inmarsat C terminal
  • Transceiver and antenna in a single unit (Inmarsat Mini C only)

Must-have features ensuring safety at sea

Inmarsat C or Mini C is a digital system available via a low-cost satellite terminal, providing messaging, distress calling, data reporting and polling as well as Enhanced Group Call (EGC) such as EGC SafetyNET and FleetNET.

Key features:

  • 2-way data, telex, fax & e-mail communications to destinations worldwide
  • Compliant with Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)
  • Text messaging, polling, data and position reports to multiple destinations and time zones
  • Very low power consumption (only 10.2 mW on standby for Mini C)
  • Light, compact equipment: under 4 kg for Inmarsat C and only 1.1 kg for Mini C
  • Data rate: 0.6 kbps (Inmarsat C)
  • 6 inputs/outputs for sensors
    (Mini C)

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