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Inmarsat Mini M

Inmarsat Mini M

Mobility first

Highly reliable, Inmarsat Mini M provides all the digital technology you need for global communications at sea.

Key benefits:

  • Secure voice, fax & data communications (emails, files, photos) on all oceans
  • Reliable, compact & lightweight terminal
  • Wide range of value-added services to optimize your terminal, such as Satcomm's SkyFile Mail with data compression of up to 90%.
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Ideal for crew calling applications such as our Scratch & Phone cards.

Compact terminal ideal for crew calling

Weighing just over 2 kilos and smaller than a standard laptop, Inmarsat Mini M can be easily taken anywhere in the world. The handset is just like an ordinary mobile phone, and is as simple and easy to use.

Key features:

  • Voice: 4.8 kbps
  • Fax: 2.4 kbps
  • Data: 2.4 kbps
  • Weight: ~ 2 kg

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