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Inmarsat GAN

Inmarsat GAN

Choice of 3 transfer modes keeps a lid on costs

As the forerunner to BGAN, the Global Area Network (GAN) offers high-quality voice, plus a combination of 64 kbps mobile ISDN and packet-based MPDS data services via a portable terminal.

Key benefits:

  • Keep in touch with your headquarters through voice, email, file sharing and access to your corporate network.
  • Use the same terminal worldwide for all communications via satellite: voice, data & fax.
  • Optimize costs with data transmission via MPDS and pay only for the volume transmitted.
  • Benefit from ISDN throughput at 64 kbps to send large files or access high-speed applications.

A transfer mode for every application

  • Voice
  • Fax
  • Data: emailing, web surfing, FTP, VPN, audio-video, video-conferencing, etc.
  • 3 transmission modes: low-speed (circuit mode), ISDN (circuit mode), MPDS (packet mode) depending on your needs.

Circuit mode ISDN at 64 kbps is particularly suited to sending larges files (> 150 kb) and for applications requiring wide bandwidth (billed per connection time) such as accessing the corporate network, audio video streaming, videoconferencing etc.

Packet mode MPDS (Mobile Packet Data Service) is perfect for always-on connections, internet browsing & emailing, as only the actual volume of data exchanged is billable, regard-less of connection time.