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SatCall is a two-stage fixed-to-mobile service which allows users to place calls from any landline or mobile phone to any satellite terminal.

  • SatCall is available for Inmarsat B, M, Mini M, GAN, BGAN, Fleet, FleetBroadband, Swift, SwiftBroadband and other aeronautical services in all Inmarsat satellite regions.
  • Flexible: also available for Iridium, Thuraya and other Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite services, as well as fixed-to-fixed calls.
  • Cost-efficient: no monthly fees or fixed network mark-ups for satellite calls through toll-free numbers.
  • Practical: makes calling easy with features such as Calling Line Identification (CLI) and Quick Number Calling.

Who Can Benefit From Using SatCall?

Have you ever had need to call to a satellite phone?

If so, did you get a shock when you received the bill?

If you answered 'yes' to both questions, then Satcomms SatCall service if for you!

Using SatCall's simple two-stage dialing process, you will easily know the cost of calling to a satellite before making your call and receiving the bill.

Key benefits:

  • Calling Line Identification (CLI): When a SatCall is placed, Calling Line Identification allows SatComms to recognize the telephone number and connect the call without the user's 10-digit PIN code if the CLI is registered. If the user's telephone number cannot be determined by CLI, then the PIN code must be entered to complete the call.
  • Quick Number Dialling: The Quick Number dialling feature allows users to place a SatCall without having to dial the mobile number. Registered users canassign up to 99,999 Quick Numbers. The Quick Number list is defined and controlled by the user.