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Terralink and TAN

Customise your professional data communications

A full range of terrestrial interconnection solutions to meet your needs regardless of the satellite system.

  • VPN IP Sec: Virtual Private Network over IP-Sec encryption technology. Cost-effective & easy to install.
  • ISDN: on demand interconnection over single or combined ISDN channels, delivering low cost bandwidth up to 256 kbps.
  • Leased Line: dedicated point-to-point terrestrial line with guaranteed bandwidth for high-speed applications.
  • VPN MPLS*: Virtual Private Network over global MPLS network, with guaranteed bandwidth for high-quality applications.
  • Terralink Secure/Data Manager: Aditional traffic & content analyser designed to control incoming & outgoing data transmission on the satellite link.

Our Satcomms global PoP network has sites strategically located in major markets around the globe making it easy for users to connect to and from remote locations reliably and securely: Toulouse (France), Eik (Norway), Oslo (Norway), London (UK), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), New York (US), Southbury, (US, Connecticut), Santa Paula (US, California).

Far from your office, close to your business

Provide your mobile workers a seamless link to the corporate network in total security with our range of Terralink and TAN (Terrestrial Access Network) interconnection solutions. Give them access to business and high-speed applications (email, videoconferencing, voice over IP, store & forward, live video streaming, etc) from any point on the planet. 

Whatever your infrastructure, we ensure secure data transmission between the satellite terminals and the customer premises, creating a fully-fledged mobile office environment.

Key benefits

  • Flexibility: variety of enhanced interconnection solutions to suit all your requirements.
  • Security: all communications are secured and optionally encrypted.
  • Guaranteed bandwidth: with ISDN, Leased Line & MPLS terrestrial-based services; we deliver guaranteed end-to-end bandwidth  from the satellite terminal to your corporate network.
  • Customization: each solution is tailored and integrated according to your company's network infrastructure.
  • Control: Terralink Secure and Data Manager optional services ensure full traffic control.
  • Scalability: possible upgrade to any other interconnection solutions to meet growing traffic.
  • Hosting: equipment hosting facilities at Vizada's premises (optional).