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Scratch & Web

A full deck of cards for a variety of needs

Our Scratch & Web cards are available in several configurations to match any requirements:

  • Card format:
    - Physical: reveal the confidential PIN code by scratching the silver strip on the back of the card.
    - Virtual: the confidential PIN code is sent securely by e-mail or on a disk.
  • Card type: reloadable or non-reloadable.
  • Card credit: up to 20 MB for physical cards and on demand for virtual ones
  • Card layout: standard Satcomms cards or customized versions with our co-branding options.

Welfare communications keep teams connected worldwide

Scratch & Web prepaid cards are ideal when managing personal data communications for ship crews or teams working in remote areas such as military personnel, NGO workers, journalists, mining & exploration teams. Benefit from emailing, web surfing and content downloading from any remote location, while keeping a cap on spending.

  • Internet in seconds: simply start your web browser & enter your PIN to connect up.
  • Transparency: simplify budget management with online applications (cost control, reload, card parameters).
  • Cost-effectiveness: no connection fee, no minimum call length/volume.
  • Security: personal access guaranteed with confidential PIN code.
  • Flexibility: team members can share a single terminal using their personal prepaid card.