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Prepaid Calling

One card - many advantages

Our Prepaid Calling Card Service provides your crew or team easy access to satellite voice communications. Benefit from our features:

  • One Card: the same card works with Inmarsat B, M, Mini-M, GAN, Fleet, and Swift services.
  • Financial Control: Prepaid Calling Cards provide complete control over call spending.
  • Two Denominations: Prepaid Calling Cards are available in 300 and 500 unit denominations. Cards can also be customized with the unit value that best suits the needs of a particular company or crew.
  • Balance Verification: each time a call is initiated, users receive an announcement of the maximum duration possible for the call being placed, based on the balance of units remaining on the Card.
  • Card Security: each Prepaid Calling Card has a unique authorization code. Cards may be used until the full unit value has been spent or before the expiration date.
  • Crew Phones are programmed for satellite communications dialling and designed to ensure that only authorized calls are made. Used with an Inmarsat terminal, Satcomm's Crew Phone is an ideal solution when a dedicated prepaid calling card phone is required to manage crew calling.

Stay in touch with family & friends

Prepaid Calling is available via LES 001 or 004

Satcomm's Prepaid Calling Card Service offers users a convenient way to stay in touch and makes managing satellite communications simple. For use with Inmarsat services, our Prepaid Calling Cards can be used anytime, anywhere, to stay connected to colleagues, friends, and family.

Key benefits:

  • Welfare focus: boost crew morale & increase company loyalty on board.
  • Simplicity: very easy to use, no need for training or user assistance.
  • Cost transparency: full control over budget with pre-defined costs.
  • Easy updates: quick access to fresh call credit.

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