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SkyFile Access

All-in-one solution for data transfer

SkyFile Access is a versatile solution that helps you optimize data transfer from anywhere in the world:

  • File sharing: free-of-charge FTP space to store or exchange heavy data files (up to 1 gigabyte space).
  • Personal email address & mailbox (up to 100 MB capacity).
  • Webmail to easily email from any standard Internet access point (office, home or Internet café).
  • Seamless internet connection from your mobile satellite terminal.
  • Enhanced security: integrated anti-virus and anti-spam filters.
  • Online group management: for email and FTP accounts via a remote administration interface.

Internet applications at your fingertips

Providing a dedicated FTP access, internet and email, SkyFile Access is a simple, versatile and cost-effective solution to help optimize data transfer from anywhere in the world. On land or at sea, SkyFile Access provides a direct, seamless internet connection for file sharing, web-browsing and sending and receiving emails.

  • All-in-one solution: FTP, personal mailbox, webmail, Internet connection, web browsing, and more.
  • Cost-effectiveness: airtime payment as you go, and no costly access or monthly fees.
  • Security: anti-virus & anti-spam filters included.
  • Simplicity: no installation needed, using the same ID and password to log in to your FTP space, webmail & remote administration interface.