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SkyFile Video

High-performance mobile editing solution

SkyFile Video is designed to help mobile videomakers in their daily work.

  • Fully compatible with Inmarsat Fleet 77 and 55, BGAN, RBGAN & GAN (ISDN).
  • State-of-the-art video compressing function, using Codec Standard MPEG4/AVC (H.264).
  • Potential to adapt H.264 compression settings to personal requirements.
  • Available with Pentium 2 processor standard/256 Mb/RAM, Internet Explorer 6.0, Direct X 9.0.
  • Free of charge, with no monthly fees or license costs

Action, cut, compress & send!

There are plenty of video editing software packages, lots of file-compressing systems, and still more electronic messaging applications. But this is the only all-inclusive solution - developed by Vizada for mobile satcoms users.

  • All-in-one solution: compress & send your videos.
  • Cost-effective usage: no license or monthly fee. Just pay for the airtime.
  • Simplicity: easy to use.
  • Compact solution: create your own mobile video editing studio wherever you go
  • Lightweight equipment footprint: to make, edit & send videos, all you need is:
    - a digital video camera with a Firewire interface
    - SkyFile Video software installed on laptop or PC
    - Inmarsat terminal (Fleet 77, 55, BGAN, RBGAN, GAN).